Vote for Jeff!

Hi Everyone,

I’m Jeff Kaluski, and I’ve been the president of the Beacon Hill Community Association for 14 years. Almost every community event you’ve been to in our community during that time I’ve either organized, run, prepped, raised funds for, and/or personally volunteered at.

I’m running again for president. I’m looking to have a serene, effective, and amicable board if I’m re-elected; a board filled with cooperative, community-minded people whose only agenda is to build up our community through events, such as the “Clean Up The Capital”, Fireworks shows, “Family Picnic In The Park”, the “Big Beacon Hill Garage Sale, and political “All Candidates Debates” among others.

Please vote for me to continue my mission of building our community’s friendliness, social connections, and engagement.


Testimonials/endorsements from people with whom I work well:

“When I see the level of engagement, the amount of energy and fun that Jeff puts into the community, it’s contagious. The events Jeff puts on are always well-organized and fun. I see the work he puts in from planning the big stuff as well as doing the little stuff. He always makes time for it. It’s important to him to support a strong community spirit and I think we all benefit from it. ”
Stephanie Lane-Kaluski

“I have known Jeff Kaluski for nine years since he welcomed me to Beacon Hill. Since that time, I’ve seen Jeff at work as Beacon Hill’s Community Association President, as a neighbour and an active member of the community at large. Jeff whole-heartedly invests himself in serving the community. Whether he is organizing magnificent fireworks displays, Master of Ceremonies at political debates, flipping burgers, clearing streets of snow with his own equipment, dragging ice-storm-stricken branches from local roads, Jeff is ever the cheerful concerned model citizen we could all aspire to be. Thanks Jeff!”
Keith Moody

“I got to know Jeff when I was a volunteer for Ecology Ottawa ten plus years ago and he welcomed me to be the ECO chair of the BHCA. Since then I have admired his unwavering commitment to the people of Beacon Hill, being there for them through ice storms and house fires as well as organizing fun days and all candidates debates at election time.”
Richard Fransham

“I am happy to endorse Jeff Kaluski for president. Jeff is a dedicated and passionate member of the community, who puts in a lot of effort to build a strong community spirit. He organizes well-structured and fun events and is always ready to help, whether it’s by barbecuing hot dogs or clearing trees from streets. Jeff’s unwavering commitment to the community is truly inspiring.”
Derek Cheff

“Vote for Jeff. He is an active, caring volunteer that has contributed many years to make Beacon Hill a vibrant community. He eagerly works to make a huge difference for those lucky enough to live in our awesome neighbourhood. ”
Marguerite Born